Would you like to make the best illustration, logo, sculpture, animation? … me too.

If you’re going to do it on the computer (take advantage of that box), you’re going to need several toys, I mean ,programs. No problem, you have everything within reach of your clicks, without having to download pirates with viruses….
If you can acquire the payment programs, perfect (we should win enough to do it, or not?)… Otherwise, we have very good options:

Low-cost, single-payment programs and free programs (Open source) Look at this:

01-Painting, Coloring: FREE:  Krita   /  PAID: Paintstorm

02-To Design: FREE: Inkscape / Xara Designer  / PAID: Affinity Designer
03-For 2D Animation: FREE: PAP,  Krita   / PAID: Clip Studio Pro  /  Sketchbook, Moho
04-For 3D Animation: FREE: Blender , Daz Studio+Hexagon,  Wings 3D (Modelling)

05-Sculpture: FREE: Sculptris   /  PAID: 3D Coat / Zbrush R8
06-Edition: FREE: Fusion , Audio Editor: Audacity
07-Pixel Art: FREE: Graphics Gale    / PAID: Aseprite  /  ProMotion NG

08-Voxel Art: FREE: Magical Voxel

09-Comic: FREE: Jumpaint, AZ Drawing / PAID: Clip Studio Pro

Some programs that we all know are not in this list, because I don’t want to advertise them for free, and we know them all. (And don’t pay nothing without try it first).

The idea is to try these others, I know that some of them will help you.