Interesting online programs that can be very useful. Part of the creative process is dealing with various tools, and each of them can give different results, many times being a nice surprise. That’s why I like try them, see what’s different, better orĀ  worse on each one.

You can save the links to your browser favorites, so you can access them from anywhere. Click on the link and test them :

1- (Kind of ZBrush/Sculptris but simpler).
2- html (Textures generator).
3- (Drawing).
4- (Display a photo with limited time).
5- (Draw interesting shapes, excellent).
6- (It’s a live demo, but functional, exports in .jpg)
7- (Upload an image and the pixel in different ways, then export it)
8- (Vectorial Drawing)
9- (Symmetrical and with light brushes).
10- (Good for drawing, vector-based, exports in many formats).
11- (To generate harmonized color palettes)

12-  (Drawing with rombos, squares, triangles and more.)

Some are very basic, but they could be useful to generate ideas for more elaborate projects. it’s worth taking away a couple of minutes to facebook and try something new, don’t you think?.