How to get published

I have always liked the art books where the art of a lot of different illustrators are shown.

Now that I’ve managed to get published in a pair of them -literally 2-.I have to to say feels fine and I’m going to tell you how I did it.

You don’t need to be the top-notch artist, just gonna take more work.

What I’ve done is not-to-stop creating, and I want to recommend you a couple of things:

  1. Don’t give up, even if one sees that the level of the artists are very high, you can do your things too.
  2. Be Original: Propose something with your own vision and style, something interesting at least.
  3. Work professionally: Reviews all technical aspects such as resolution and CMYK colors. Backup your files with layers, online or/and external disk. Respect deadlines, software to use, main topic, etc. (Read the Rules).
  4. Saves the entire creative process, with backups of files, photos, screenshots , rough sketches, drawings, references, etc. (It will be your back up in case you are asked to demonstrate that you are the creator of the art).
  5. Participate in contests where the prize is get published.* Warning: It’s never wise to recommend someone to make art for free, so you have to decide for yourself…I did it because I wanted to be in a couple of books, no more than those.
  6. Timeless Art : (Continuous, Eternal, perpetual). Try that your works are not temporary, nor moved by trends of the moment, even if the subject-theme,  are something trendy.
  7. Get fun, you will learn to work professionally with this type of works , but don’t forget to have a good time and make sure that it is shown in your art.

Links:  Trinquette ChallengeCharacter Design Challenge. I will put more later…

I encourage you to try to participate at least once, the mood in these contests are non-competitive, are cooperative.

9 – Now, I want to appear in the 2D Artist Magazine, but of course, charging, as it should. That’s my challenge…so, what’s yours?